Working principle and application areas of Fan Coils Rəy yaz

The principle of operation of the fan coil system is to cool and heat the surrounding water, especially through thin tubes in the system (hot / cold), circulating in a closed system.

Fan coil systems used in commercial buildings such as hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and business centers operate in two types. These 2 pipes and 4 pipes provide systematic user comfort and energy savings.

The two-pipe system has a belt connected to each block of fan panels and has a prefabricated and distribution pipe. Therefore, it can be done simultaneously during cooling or heating. To move from heating to cooling, it is necessary to determine the temperature of the process. This system does not work effectively in large and complex architectural buildings. Because some parts of the building are heated and some parts are cooled. Therefore, 2-pipe fan coil system is not suitable for this type of partitions.

There are two pipes in each pipe system for each fan Board Assembly. One of them is heat and cooling process. Two tubes are connected to each belt for collection and distribution. Since the hot and cold water systems of the system are continuously activated through separate lines, each fan Board may not heat up or cool down, depending on each other.

This provides more flexible and accurate temperature control and automation.

There are 2 types of remote controllers- mechanical and digital. The principle of operation controls the fans and motor fans. Facilitates airflow control.

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