Terms and Conditions

Customer and seller rights

  1. Construction materials will be sold on the online shop. At the moment products belong to air conditioning and electricity system categories are sold.
  2. Delivery will be carried out by either local cargo companies or our workers depending on volume of the sale. The products will be delivered during 12 working hours. Delivery time may prolong up to 24 working hours as customer orders increase. Delivery fee for small orders up to 250 azn within Baku city is 5 azn, delivery for the orders bigger than 250 azn is free of charge. Delivery fee for the big volume orders and long distance orders are defining based on negotiation with the customer and paing with cash while delivery.
  3. In case of any deffect on the product, the product will be returned to warehouse and the refund amount to the customer’s card will be realized. Return fee for deffecttive products will be paid by MaxiMall but for wrong and unwanted orders the customer will pay the return fee.
  4. Either deffective products will be replaced by new ones or refund will be realized based on customer preference.
  5. The order can be cancelled for free during one hour after the purchase. The order must be cancelled by phone call.
  6. Contact: [email protected] 012 566 54 27 , 050 207 88 52