İsolation glue 15 kq

It is used for ventilation ducts and piping installations, acoustic insulation, polyethylene and rubber insulators
The applied surfaces need to be stuck in a short time. When applied quickly, the adhesion strength is higher when applied.
For surfaces to be used for maximum efficiency, surfaces must be cleaned of grease and rust. Then, the adhesive is applied so as to cover the whole surface, and after the glue has been slightly exposed, the insulating adhesive is properly placed on the surface. The exposure time varies depending on the amount of adhesive applied and the temperature.
The locations used should be regularly ventilated for occupational health

58.20 AZN / kg

Appearance:Yellow liquid
Chemical composition:Synthetic rubber and solvents.
Composition of dry substance:40+ 1 %
Special Gravitation:1,2 qr / sm³
Limit to dryness:5 to 10 minutes depending on the temperature
Storage conditions:Keep to temperatures below 25 C.

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