About Us

MaxiMall.az is an online store of MAXIMALL LLC that carries out import of construction and decoration materials. Our target is to save your time and supply high quality construction and home décor products for you with most suitable price. Online store means eliminating rental and labor costs that will result with a decrease in the price of the products sold on MaxiMall. Besides these by eliminating all the middlemen that increases prices of the products we are supplying products for you with wholesale price in retail sales. Our delivery system serves you as well. Depending on the amount of order our operative delivery fee will be a small amount or free of charge.


What we really do?

We organize retail sales of many products for the construction industry. Easy delivery and payment systems we have designed for your convenience.


Our Vision


Our History

We are in construction sector on the Azerbaijan market of construction materials since 2009. At the same time, we have successful projects in the design and construction sector and continue. Now, we are at your service with our online store to get closer to you.


Client Care

Support Boss

Delivery Driver

Sales Manager

Our advantages

Our engineers and high-end designers  save you from disadvantages with selectable quality assortments. And all this is delivered to you at a lower price than the market price.

Our Values

Our customers are very valuable for us! Therefore, we are carrying out all our activities to increase customer satisfaction. The best quality and tasteful goods, the most affordable price, the most comfortable shopping conditions, etc. All of them you are for our valued customers!



In addition to the wholesale prices we offer, you can also offer discounts on corporate-large orders. Now, these opportunities come to you as soon as you have a phone, tablet, PC, laptop!

Cooperate with Us!

We are innovative, because we are always looking at new cooperation very warmly. If you have any suggestion or suggestions, you can write to us or send us an inquiry. Our contact numbers are also at your service. You can write to us via Social Networking!

What can we do for you ?

If you have a question, you can easily contact us. It is our duty to help you! You can call us, email us or call us from city and mobile numbers!

We supply the best products for you with the most appropriate conditions. Our products are tested for the own projects, we are convinced of the quality!

The products are delivered to you within 12 working hours. As the orders increase, the delivery time can be extended to 24 working hours. But if you are in a hurry, we can help to you! You can note it or call during the order!

When you have any questions about the product, when you want to change the order and in the like customer services are ready to help you!

In MaxiMall – high quality, wholesale price, delivery – everything is for customer satisfaction!